Adult chat script

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To me, referring to customer responses as “canned” has the same effect as when professional speakers refer to their events as “gigs”.

Calling them gigs, in my opinion, cheapens the job. In the same way, a “canned” response doesn’t sound as thoughtful as saying, for instance, a “saved” or “prepared” response.

Scenario 4) How to respond to a service interruption question: Suggested script: “Hello, [their name].

Thank you for your patience as we work through this issue!

” My take: I like the proactive nature and transparency of this response.

” My take: The aspect of this response that resonated with me was the option to call or email the customer back rather than forcing them to wait.

Anything that reduces customer wait times or effort, I’m generally in favor of. If it has to do with product or service quality, we’d like to know because we’re always striving to improve.” My take: I like that, rather than essentially saying, “Done.

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