Dating a woman who has been divorced twice isreali dating customs

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"I felt I needed to tell the universe that I was no longer participating in that pattern, and divorce seemed like a really good way to make that statement clear." Trip's always felt that their separation was only temporary.

"I believed all along that we would find a way to get back together," he says.

Wayne married another woman almost immediately, but Betty needed time before she jumped back into the dating pool.

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I work to be sure he knows I don't take the things he does for granted. We wanted to see how it would work before involving them.

"We enjoyed each other's company." Just a year after their divorce, they made it legal a second time.

"I didn't see the divorce as a final break, and so I saw our remarriage as a natural progression," says Trip.

Comedian Richard Pryor actually married two of his seven wives twice.

Also joining the list of celebrities who have divorced and remarried an ex are Larry King, Barbara Walters, Don Johnson, and Pamela Anderson.

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