Dating antique sofa

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Within those fabrics make sure that you get them thick enough, they must be upholstery weight.

If you want something that has more stain resistance and durabiltiy get a linen or cotton blend has a lot of polyester in it. Cotton Velvets range from – and i usually stay in the – range unless i need to find the perfect color that is more expensive.

Right now i found a new guy that is around 45 minutes a way and its worth it because his prices are soooo good and his quality is high, plus he picks up and delivers for the cost of gas.

That being said, i’ve made mistakes before and definitely gotten what i’ve paid for – cheap work for a cheap price, so mistakes can be made.

Don’t get me wrong, i tell my friends who want one piece, but if i were to announce it on the blog then myself, as well as all the other designers that go to them, would suffer.

For instance this weekend i found this chair for : It’s hideous. BUT, then there are times when the shape and style of a piece is soooo good that you have to splurge on it.

But in a charcoal gray linen its going to be gorgeous. It will command a whole room, it will scream ‘i’m interesting’ and it will be 100% worth it.

The best tip i can say is that the little hole-in-the-wall upholsterers are usually doing all the designers fancy pieces and have the most experience.

Its the fancier places (like the design centers) that are frankly much more pleasant to be in that charge a lot more.

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