Dating games for youth ministry

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Every youth leader needs a bevy of games and activities on hand for youth group.

Keeping a 'stock' of games and ideas to use in a pinch will prove to be a lifesaver.

Design your activities with your group member's ages in mind, and the kids will have fun no matter how silly or serious the activities are.

Who said youth group can't be a little on the silly side?

Each player has to race to a table on the other side of the room.

They then have to pick up a piece of bubble gum, unwrap it and start chewing it. This can be more difficult if you use old-fashioned bubble bum, such as Bazooka.

Offer a prize to the first team that successfully collects all of the items. When you're looking for something spiritual but not dull, consider playing a Bible game to get kids focused and excited about learning.These types of activities can help to bring shy individuals out of their shells and get them to participate in future activities.This is a relay game using bubble gum and a piece of paper affixed at an easily reachable height on the wall for all players for each team.Have each group lead a discussion about the scripture and what it means.Have the youth group leader provide feedback to each group individually, recognizing participants for their unique contributions to the discussion. Consider visiting the following websites for more Christian youth group activities: With so many available activity options, there's no reason to do the same things week after week.

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