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The Southern Caribbean is highlighted by some of the most spectacular rainforests in the world, tropical cuisine to expand your palate, and an exclusive, exotic atmosphere that will make you feel right at home.

Experience the exciting culture mixtures throughout the islands cultivated by foreign influence from Europe, South America, and the US.

South Coast The parish of Christchurch is home to the lively south coast, offering an experience that differs significantly from the tranquillity of the western shore, a perfect destination for group or family holidays.

The restaurants, bars, rum shacks and nightclubs of St Lawrence Gap and Oistins, and its famous 'Fish Friday', are the perfect remedy for those who seek to do more than simply lounge on the beach.

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The Southern Caribbean is a Royal Caribbean cruise destination known to be exotic and diverse.Barbados sits in the Lesser Antilles and is the most eastern of all the Caribbean islands.Defined by crashing Atlantic waves on its east and lapped by the calmer azure waters of the Caribbean Sea to the west it is a land of contrasts and perhaps this is one of the many reasons why people keep coming returning time and time again.Since 1966, it has been a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy, modelled on the Westminster system, with Elizabeth II, Queen of Barbados, as head of state.Some evidence suggests that Barbados may have been settled in the second millennium BC, but this is limited to fragments of conch lip adzes found in association with shells that have been radiocarbon-dated to about 1630 BC.

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