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And to ignore 'Frendz' pro -IRA propaganda as much as we ignore the pro-British bias of the rest of the media.

And if we Mill uuer Hie cliche 'right on' when rieruadelte attacks duel" nig Maudling oranollic: soldier l- killed by a sniper, well the reaction id unconditioned.

I can go on whining (actually but any near honest Paddy will tell you. Both are by far more under- privileged than England (and we know how bad that is?

) Involved in this mammoth fuck up is every fucking issue but the people. but none of freedom that I know of, but Bernie Devlin.

Mick Farren seems to suggest that this souring of the underground is rd-has Last week, [ watched a perfectly ordinary mini van pull up outside a well known "cottage," on the North Circular toad at Finchley.

A search- light was played on the budding, Alsation dogs were hustled out of the back of the van, and with their heavily protected Iruneheon-armed keepers, a clean-up operation began' that looked like something I had previously only seen on the movies.

The occupants, obviously frightened, were quickly enough dispersed, and even pursued through the surrounding scrub by dogs, men and eventually searchlight blazing mini.

I la Berwick Sheet, London Wi A 4PF (01 137 1.112): Print by Daeha Publications Ltd, Kidlinglon, 0\ford: UK Distribution by Moore Harness Ltd, 1 1 Lever Sheet, London ECI() !$ DYLAN This time the facts PYRAMIDS Hippies, this one's for you LESBIANS Really liberated women?PLUS UNDERGROUND CARTOONISTS RAP Page 3 IT/125 9-23 M DYLAN-Life in a Stolen Moment 12 SURVIVAL SCRAPBOOK Hassan i Sabbah 20 THE PYRAMIDS Anthony Roberts 22 NOBODY FUCKS MAH 12 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER m,y Ed Saunders 26 i flf/ LESBIANS-THE TRULY , jv LIBERATED WOMEN?Love i: live;: ,c first Typically, it got at the (didn't the music, aiiei of US first, and 1 be rest follow logically), and with the connivance of (hose people (most of us, in fact) who need to identify with a group, a culture, a stereotype, it crept into rock music until it virtually destroyed it. " Wc are what's wrong with it: we who once upon a time liked CSNY but have long since gone of( them: wc who once liked Cream, bul no more: we who would on no acco Linl be seen with a Grand Funk Railroad LP: we who are more certain of our dislikes than our likes, you're less likely to make an unwitting social error that way. The adventure has gone out of the revolution: the Students Union in our city stocks Frend'i, Socialist Worker, Private Eye and the new , papei l'-'aolo. , IT and Ink are just a new Establishment, a sub- i miikrai nby nameless capitalist outsiders.

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