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Seeing who your ex- or current partner claims to be, and how they market themselves on their Grindr profile, can feel like you never really knew them at all – or, more likely, they never knew themselves and still don’t.

Hookup apps have been blamed for promiscuity, sexual addiction, increased sexually transmitted infections, and the spread of HIV.

Popp allegedly kicked down their door, pointed a gun at Phia Vue, and demanded he leave the bedroom.

The family heard a couple of gunshots, then Popp returned and allegedly dragged Mai Vue and her two young daughters upstairs to his apartment.

Shopping for sexual partners quickly became as easy as shopping for any other consumer product.

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Discovering Grindr on your partner’s phone has become the new lipstick on the collar.“You can always tell who’s on Grindr in the bar,” said a friend of mine.“They’ve all got that same orange glow of expectation on their face.” Eight years ago this month, hookup apps came out of the closet and started a sexual revolution that changed the world.Grindr has actually been a leading advocate for Pr EP since 2014, and regularly broadcasts safe sex messaging to its users.In a recent Grindr for Equality survey, 26 percent of participating Grindr users were already taking Pr EP and another 56 percent were interested in taking it in the future.

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