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Sonic explains he found him on the beach and that Tails should fix it.

Sonic dashes off, saying he spotted a familiar bar around. Sonic meets Rouge there, when she askes him where the girl robot that was following him was (Girl robot?

After the battle, Shadow tells Sonic that he must not be at full power and that he must leave, but to not let Dr.

Eggman get the Gizoid, and to take care of him until he returns. Tails appears, saying he thought he say Shadow outside, and he notices the robot.

Too weak, and she doesn\'t jump into the air high enough so you can keep attacking her without her touching the ground. Go check up on Tails and the Strange Robot at the lab, its down-right from Tails\' House.

Here you\'ll meet the Strange Robot, or a robot who looks like him, and they attack you! The robot is destroyed, and Sonic shouts to Tails (If he can hear him) that he\'ll be right there. Tails will tell Sonic that a robot that looks just like theirs was shown on the news and that appearently the robot that looks just like theirs robbed many jewelry stores. 2) It can copy enemy attacks through observation or by getting hit by attacks.

The Ally Attack subheading means whether or not you can attack your own team mates.

Minorly revised some of my opinions of some of Emerl\'s attacks, mostly adding more to them. Shadow tries to take him, but Sonic doesn\'t let him. The Strange Robot is on your team, but he doesn\'t attack.

Added #15 and #17 to Emerl\'s Copy Attack list as well as #42 through #62 making the list 16% complete. As for Shadow, he will only attack you after positioning himself by you.

You may not put my Walkthrough/FAQ on your site without my permission. Back at Emerald Town our hero Sonic the Hedgehog was speeding around, bored when he came to the beach and noticed a strange robot on the beach. You can take or give as much damage as you like without dying, you can use this to practice some techniques or combos.

You may not take parts of my Walkthrough/FAQ directly without asking permission from me first. The doctor dismisses the robot as useless and broken, but uses his DNA to make a \"superior\" copy of him. The mystery robot doesn\'t say or do anything, just sits there. Mini-Games - Play any mini-games you have unlocked here.

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