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(x) The Offertory Gifts at the Centenary Mass (XI) at the altar were past pupil Very Rev. Archbishop Connell began the Mass with words of welcome to all present and of explanation of the importance of the occasion.

It was the opening of the celebrations for the 100th year of the school’s existence.

The Gospel was read by Fr Jerome Godfrey CSSp; the homily given by Fr William Maher CSSp; the Prayers of the Faithful were read by students, past students, teachers and parents.

Fr Patrick Reedy gave a commentary during the Offertory Procession on the significance of the gifts which were brought to the altar by students, past students, teachers and parents. Palemon was also French and he died of cancer in Langonnet, France, in 1913 at the age of 61. Albert Cody came to St Mary’s from Blackrock College where he had made his Religious Profession the year before.

A similar recounting for the post-closure era would have run into many volumes.

An Appendix containing the name of every boy registered in the school from the day it opened more than 100 years ago, is intended to make some amends for this deficiency. O n the afternoon of September 28, 1989, the citizens of the Rathmines suburb of the City of Dublin were surprised at the sight of a motorcade, with Garda escort, sweeping across Portobello Bridge and pulling in to the forecourt of the Parish Church of Our Lady, Refuge of Sinners.

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