Updating netbeans 6 1 to 6 5

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The Net Beans IDE's Make Controller feature allows you to synchronize the modifications you make in the FXML file that is currently opened in Scene Builder and the controller source code opened in Net Beans IDE.To illustrate this feature, do the following: to create a simple issue tracking application.Supports Git and Subversion source code management.The web application development bundle also includes Apache Tomcat and Glass Fish web servers. Edit the version in each Update Center (I did 8.0.1 to 8.1).Multiple installations of Net Beans IDE 5.x, 6.x, and 7.x can coexist with Net Beans IDE 7.1.1 on the same system.You do not have to uninstall the earlier versions in order to install or run Net Beans IDE 7.1.1.

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Net Beans IDE is documented in the software's help system, however, additional documentation about developing with Net Beans IDE is available at the Net Beans Documentation, Training & Support page.

The integration of Java FX Scene Builder with Net Beans IDE provides optimal development workflow.

It is assumed that you have already installed Scene Builder before continuing with the rest of this chapter.

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